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Choosing The Right Domain

Your website domain name is your online identity. It helps businesses build their online presence and provide doorways for their customers to find them. Therefore, choosing the right domain for your business is a critical decision and demands care. When deciding on a domain name for your business, it is important to consider your overall brand strategy. Top on the list of factors to consider is whether the domain you are intending to acquire is descriptive or captures the nature of the business of your organization. 

In other words, choose a domain name that will let visitors to your site know, from the moment they see your web address, the type of business you are engaged in. Your website should deliver what it says on the label and your domain is your label. With domains like or that provide instant recognition to your business classification, you no longer need to explain your line of business to somebody who does not know about your website but is doing web searches on keywords and phrases related to a specific topic, or typing those words or phrases directly into the navigation bar of their browser. 

Although most great website domain names are connected to the purpose of the website business, a good domain name should not only be highly noticeable in its product category, but also catchy, easy to remember or memorable, and noteworthy. While it is not necessary to spend a fortune on a domain name, investing in a good domain not only helps you save money ideally spent on branding and shaping user perspective around your business, it also adds credibility.


[Acknowledgements: Phil Lodico – Founder,; Kevin Wood – Wooden Writing & Counter Culturist; Andrew Alleman – April 2017; The Name Inspector Blog]. 


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